If you are looking for the best residential housekeeping services in Montreal than look no further than Montreal Home Cleaners 514.582.5802

This group of housekeeping and maid services have been in business for many years with clients who are in need of post construction cleanup, house cleaning, and move in / move out cleaning services each month.

Montreal Residential Home Cleaners are the leaders in house keeping in Montreal QC! Their professional and skilled house cleaning team are trained at all aspects of keeping your house looking great day after day.

House Cleaning Packages

With a variety of house cleaning packages your housekeeping professionals in Montreal will custom tailor a cleaning package that will suit your budget and schedule.

This team of fully trained Montreal maids only use the best in professional cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaners to keep each and every home in Montreal clean and organized.

We provide each home cleaning with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee!

Our Montreal Cleaning Company the very best in cleaning solutions. for all our clients in Montreal QC. Here are a few of the benefits of our top cleaning services:

•    Emptying and cleaning ash trays
•    Dusting computers, laptops, and monitors
•    Dusting and cleaning telephones
•    Vacuuming and shampooing all carpets
•    Clean door handles, light fixtures and switches
•    Hardwood floor sweeping, mopping, and waxing

Residential Cleaning Services Montreal QC

Montreal Home Cleaners offer maid cleaning services in all areas of Montreal that will satisfy your mopping, dusting and scrubbing needs. This residential cleaning package is one of the most popular as it involves a deep cleaning of all areas of your home from bathroom to kitchen to basement.

Your house will not only look great but will get rid of any unwanted dust, bacteria, germs, bacteria, and mold that could be hidden in furniture, tiny spaces in the bathroom, or in closets.

With this Montreal housekeeping service, all high traffic areas of the household are cleaned properly but experienced maids that know what they are doing!

Looking for carpet cleaning or hardwood floor polishing, Montreal House Cleaners have you covered there as well!

Believe it or not, there are still a great number of homes in Montreal that have carpets. Order a carpet cleaning package today and get your carpets cleaned properly with a good vacuum and scrubbing to clean the fibers deep down – 514.582.5802

Getting Rid of Bacteria

With this deep cleaning process, our professional house cleaning staff will attack your home and get rid of unwanted germs.

The first step in killing germs and bacteria is to start with the light fixtures, switches, and door knobs. These areas of the home are high traffic areas that get used a lot so are usually concentrated with bacteria and germs.

Germs and bacteria tend to grow in warm environments like the lights which can be transferring the the home owner as soon as he or she touches the switch plate or light itself. Other areas of your home like the floors, carpets, tiled floors need to be kept especially clean because in particular these are the areas that bacteria is usually found.

The house cleaning professionals at Montreal Home Cleaners will apply safe eco-friendly detergents and cleaners to get rid of any germs that could potentially harm it’s occupants.

Our Montreal Maid Services are happy to give you a free estimate at any time. Simple contact Montreal Maid Cleaning Services today – 514.582.5802