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Montreal maid cleaning services

Maid Cleaning Services

There are many people in Montreal searching right now for Maid Services!

You can contact Montreal Maid Cleaning Services at 514.582.5802 or send them a message for a FREE HOUSE CLEANING ESTIMATE!

If you are in need of quality and affordable maid cleaning services you are certainly not alone! No one really has the time these days for cleaning up around the house after a long day at work or school.

Montreal Maid Cleaning Services provide safe and eco friendly cleaning methods that make your home smell and look amazing!


Montreal Home Cleaners have qualified maids that will come to your home, condo or apartment to provide professional cleaning services.

Our residential maid cleaning services in Montreal include a list of cleaning chores that are performed on each and every visit to make sure your home is fully cleaning properly.

Montreal Maids

Montreal Maids are a reliable and experienced housekeeping service that you can depend on with professional house cleaning at every level.

Our goal is to provide our customers in Montreal with regular home cleaning so that they don’t have to worry about it themselves.

Our maid cleaning teams in Montreal are professionally trained and insured so never worry about the safety of your door being left open and anything missing. Enjoy your new found freedom with your family and leave the house cleaning to the cleaning pros in Montreal – Montreal Home Cleaners!

At Montreal Maid Cleaning Services, we usually start off with a free in-home maid cleaning consultation so we can be on the same page as our customers.

We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee which makes us accountable for each cleaning job. We want to get hired again so that is why everything is cleaned as best as it can  each and every time we clean your home. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority at Montreal Home Cleaning, Maid and Housekeeping Services.

Maid Cleaning Areas

Montreal Maid Cleaners provide affordable maid and housekeeping services to all areas of Montreal and surrounding areas like Beaconsfield, Cote St Luc, DDO, Dorval, Downtown, Hampstead, Lachine, Lasalle, Laval, Montreal West, Pierrefond, Plateau, Pointe-Claire, Rivière-des-Prairies, South Shore, St Leonard, TMR, Verdun, Ville St.Laurent and the West Island.

We are here to satisfy your needs and to provide cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties in Montreal.

Please ask us if what you need isn’t on the following lists.

  • Maid cleaning services Montreal
  • Residential Cleaning Services Montreal
  • Move in / Move out cleaning Montreal
  • Renovation Cleanings Montreal
  • After party cleaning Montreal
  • After Construction Cleanup Montreal
  • Housekeeping Services Montreal

Get your free house cleaning estimate today!

Montreal Maid Cleaning Services are the most affordable and experienced home cleaners in Montreal so why not book your maid cleaning or housekeeping appointment today – 514.582.5802

Cleaning Your KITCHEN

kitchen cleaning services checklist

    • Counters
    • Sink (cleaned and shined)
    • Empty load or start dishwasher
    • Clean stove top
    • Wiped front and inside cupboards/handles
    • Wiped with damp cloth front of all appliances or if stainless steel appropriate product
    • Inside of fridge every time
    • Inside of microwave
    • Pulling out of fridge and stove monthly
    • Window windexed and sills
    • Vacuum and mop floors
    • Light switches and fixtures wiped
  • Empty trash, wipe trash can and new bag

Cleaning Your BATHROOM

bathroom cleaning services checklist

  • Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs and shower
  • Walls and behind toilet disinfected
  • Sink, toilet, shower and bath polished and shined after disinfecting
  • Organize counter top
  • Windex mirror
  • If tiled walls, cleaned top to bottom
  • All bathroom floors disinfected/washed
  • Empty trash, wipe trash can and new bag


bedroom livingroom cleaning services checklist

    • Dusting of all furniture
    • Pulling out sofa, bureaus, tables that need to be dusted behind
    • Swiffered under furniture and beds
    • Wiping of doors, baseboards and handles
    • Windows and sills windexed
    • Light fixtures and switches
    • Stair railings wiped
    • If wood stairs vacuumed and washed by hand
  • Vacuuming and washing of floors

Cleaning Rates / Pricing

Please note: We do not bring product and equipment to our cleanings. Clients prefer to use their own products because they are used to the smell and know which products give them allergic reactions. Equipment, even if sterilized, can carry bacteria from home to home.

Please also note : All jobs require a 3-hour minimum. Taxes are applicable to all cleaning services. Receipts provided with tax numbers.





with product & equipment


without product & equipment