How does odor effect our sense of well being and how do we learn what control measures are the most successful at minimizing odors in the home?

It starts with taking some advice from the experts like Sonya from Montreal Residential Cleaners!

How many times have you been to a website, as an example; a fish factory and thought to yourself:

  • How do people work or live in an environment that smells like that?
  • How do some people seem to learn to accept these odors?

We all know that farmers have adapted to smells that many city dwellers can barely stand to drive by. We seem to believe that this is based on the fact that they are simply “used to it.” Is this a correct assumption?

Like anything else in life, you learn to solve issues by understanding the problem. In order to control odors in the home, you must first begin to understand the make-up of odors.

There are basically three elements that cause most foul odors; nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur.

Nitrogen and sulfur smell somewhat terrible, while oxygen has a sweet smell.

Nitrogen’s parent compound is ammonia based, and therefore has smells that are associated with pet urine.

Sulfurous odors are normally associated with rotten eggs and organic derivatives such as butyl mercaptan with animals such as the skunk.

In order to detect odours, the parent compound needs to be volatile and dispersed in the air we breathe; when it is airborne it can stimulate the olfactory glands in the nose and cause a number of complex reactions resulting in what we commonly refer to as smell.

Foul smells are formed by dead and decaying matter that breaks down into other, volatile, compounds giving rise to the horrible smell.

Now that we know what causes household odors we can learn to eliminate them.

Eliminate Household Odors

Professionals like “Montreal Home Cleaners” use two methods to eliminate household odors; masking or neutralizing.

Masking is the concept behind most commercial air fresheners- by introducing a pleasant smell, it will “mask” or alter the original scent.


  • Easy to do
  • Tons of choices
  • Cost effective


  • Does not last long and therefore must be repeated often.
  • Does not eliminate but merely hides the smell.

Neutralization is the process of eliminating the odor-producing chemical, including those persistently produced.

During this process, specially formulated contradicting compound agents are atomized and absorbs the odor-producing compound, neutralizing the compound. The result is not just the elimination of the unpleasant smell, but the process of adding a light and fresh aroma to the location.


  • Its effects are longer lasting.
  • The smell may never return.


  • Compounds can often be unfriendly to the environment.
  • Can be costly.

Foul odors in your home can cause your family to be stressed or you may be embarrassed to use cleaning services, do not let small issues such as smell effect your families well being; ask your cleaning service for help.

The truth is, it is best to inform your cleaning service of any foul odors in your home; they can come better prepared to battle this unwanted demon for you.

No Time to Clean Your Home

If you don’t have time to cleanup properly around the home there is always the option to hire a professional house keeping or maid service in Montreal. They will come in, cleanup and organize your home, and be gone by the time you get back.

There are so many areas of the home to clean like bathrooms, bedrooms, floors, carpets, etc that we simply do not have the time in our daily routines. By the time we go to work or school and get back home and make dinner for our families we are pretty much exhausted. Who has time to start sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming? Who had time to start washing windows and dusting the lampshades? No one has the time, really.

So that’s where you hire a local house cleaning company, one that suits your schedule and budget!

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