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House Cleaning, Maid Services, and Housekeeping Services in Montreal, QC, Canada

This group of home cleaning experts in Montreal have been in business for decades and have many dedicated cleaning contracts and regular customers who are in need of all types of cleaning like post construction cleanup, house cleaning services, and move in or move out cleaning services each month.

Montreal Home Cleaning Experts are the leaders in house cleaning in Montreal QC! Their professional house cleaning staff have been fully trained in all aspects of keeping your house looking great week after week.

Montreal Home Cleaning Experts – Experts en Nettoyage à Montréal

House Cleaning Services

With a variety of house cleaning service packages, Montreal Home Cleaners will custom tailor a weekly, daily, or monthly cleaning package that will suit your budget.

These Montreal cleaning maids only use the best cleaning equipment on the market today along with eco-friendly cleaners in order to keep your home clean and smelling great.

100% satisfaction Guarantee!

Montreal Home Cleaners offer you the very best in cleaning solutions 100% satisfaction guaranteed! There are many benefits to hiring one of the best cleaning companies in Montreal:

•    Emptying and cleaning ash trays
•    Dusting computers, laptops, and monitors
•    Dusting and cleaning telephones
•    Vacuuming and shampooing all carpets
•    Clean door handles, light fixtures and switches
•    Hardwood floor sweeping, mopping, and waxing

Maid Cleaning Services Montreal

Montreal Maid Cleaning Services are experienced cleaners that will come to your home on a regular basis and keep it clean and organized.

They will sweep, mop and vacuum all the dust and dirt away with each visit to your home. This maid cleaning package is certainly one of the most popular cleaning packages that will clean your carpets deep down and leave a sparkle on your floors.

Your home will smell and look great when this Montreal Maid services gets rid of all the unwanted dirt, dust, bacteria, germs, and mold that may build up over a few weeks if left uncleaned properly.

Montreal Housekeeping Services

With this housekeeping service in Montreal, all major traffic areas of your home will be cleaned by professional housekeepers. Experienced house cleaning companies know what they are doing and Montreal Home Cleaners are no different!

Removing Bacteria

With any deep cleaning package your home will be totally free of bacteria that may build up. Montreal home cleaning contractors are professional house cleaners and will clean your home until all the dirt, germs, and bacteria are removed.

Germs and bacteria are usually found in areas such as light fixtures and light switches and are also considered high traffic areas of the home.

Floors, carpets, and tiled floors are on the top of the list and are in need of the most attention from our professional cleaning staff. Bacteria is usually found on all floors so we want to make sure these areas are one of the first to be cleaned.

Our Montreal House Cleaning Services will be happy to give you a free cleaning quote! Call Montreal Home Cleaners today – 514.582.5802


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À Propos des Experts en Nettoyage de Montréal

Premièrement, nos excellents services de nettoyage sont en affaires depuis des années!

Home Cleaning Experts in Montreal est une entreprise de nettoyage établie qui permet aux propriétaires de maison et aux entreprises de faire appel à cette entreprise de nettoyage professionnelle située à Montréal.

La présence d’experts en nettoyage expérimentés au sein de notre personnel nous a permis de grandir chaque année dans des régions comme le Grand Montréal, Laval, la Rive-Nord et la Rive-Sud.

Les experts en nettoyage de Montréal Particuliers et entreprises offrent des services de nettoyage de qualité tout en restant au courant des derniers équipements de nettoyage et de produits de nettoyage écologiques.

Embauchez une entreprise de nettoyage professionnel aujourd’hui à Montréal – 514.582.5802