Cleaning Chores do not have to be a chore says Montreal Home Cleaners!

Soap bubbles are fun and children simply love to play with them in the bath and blow them out of straws. Have you ever considered adding fun chores like cleaning with bubbles, to get your children involved in-house cleaning?

Cooperation is always the best method when trying to get children to do chores and making it fun, is that much more effective of a strategy.

When I was a young girl, my mother would always make a game of cleaning and I still remember it today. We would have magical treasure hunts and set up tents while we were doing the wash.

In those days, washing clothes involved passing clothes through a ringer washer, it was hard work, but I never really noticed because we would both pull on either end of the garment and pretend we were playing tug of war. It was so much fun, I never really thought about cleaning as a chore, it was more like fun times spent with Mom.

Great Ideas to Make Cleaning More Fun

1. To make cleaning more fun for the entire family start by creating a cleaning challenge such as a treasure hunt. This is done easily by giving everyone a list of items to find in the house that you know need to be put away, washed or otherwise thrown out. You family will have collected the “junk” in one area and it is easier to dispose of when it is all in one place.

2. Create a cleaning chore chart that offers incentives such as the winner of the week gets a free theatre pass. Why shouldn’t your family be paid for the cleaning services that they are doing in the home?

3.  My favorite is to have a room design challenge. The idea is to always get your child to clean his or her room by encouraging them to decorate it with a theme or goal. It not only encourages cleaning it also encourages your child’s creativity by trying to add some new design features to their room each and every month. This can be done with simple crafts or dollar store items which children also enjoy shopping for. It gives you a day out with the children as well.

4.  Make sure your family gets some outdoor fresh air by having a BBQ each weekend and encouraging them to clean for green. If children are taught to appreciate their environment and save it, they will be more likely to understand how important cleaning is. I like to put different signs on my trash containers each week as a way to challenge them, things like; “Don’t stash it, trash it!” The children enjoy looking for each new weekly saying. They will often giggle at the new ones and sometimes they put them in their theme rooms.

When you truly think about it, anything that you do as a family should be fun. Children learn better when they are encouraged rather than when they are expected to do something.

Cleaning your home is a necessity and is important to improve your families physical health, but making cleaning fun is improving your families emotional health.

Residential Cleaning Services in Montreal are all about fun and encouraging families to grow in a healthy happy and clean environment.

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