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Has the indoor air quality in your home diminished over the past few months? The air ducts in your home or office can carry everything from dust, to pet hair, to black mold, to bacteria. All of these are considered contaminants to your home that may impact indoor air quality.

Montreal Air Duct Cleaning Services offers professional air duct and air exchanger cleaning for all the rooms throughout your household. Getting an air duct cleaning can mean the difference of a family that is sick all the time or one that is healthy all throughout the year.

Included In Montreal Air Duct Cleaning

  • Free Inspection to check all duct work in your home or office
  • Professional Cleaning of all ducts and vents in your home or office
  • Furnace filter replacement with all air duct cleaning jobs
  • Air Exchanger inspection and cleaning

If you have recently moved into a new home and suspect the air quality is not what it should be, then give us a call right away for a free air quality inspection – 514.582.5802

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It’s time to make a fresh start with your home or office! After you have renovations completed this is a perfect time to have the air duct and exchanger inspected in your home. The air ducts may contain some left over construction duct and debris so we will clean all the air ducts professionally and get you moved back in to your home in no time.

Clean Up After a Fire – Air Duct Cleaning

After a fire, usually there is left over smoke and soot particles in the air as well as being absorbed into the building’s duct-work.

If you do not treat the air ducts properly, you could be breathing in those contaminants for weeks to come.

Bad air will be pushed through the ventilation and heating ducts which is not good for your family or coworkers if you are running a business.

Don’t forget to get the air conditioning (HVAC) system checked by our professional cleaners in Montreal. Contaminants may build up inside your home and air conditioning, and heating ductwork.

Get rid of mould, fungi, bacteria, dirt, dust and animal hair today by contacting Montreal Air Duct Cleaners – 514.582.5802

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning in commercial buildings is essential to the health of your staff and customers alike.

The ductwork carries air pollutants, mould, and other contaminants that we breath in each and every day. Try to make it a plan to schedule an air purification plan at least every couple months.

Indoor air quality is more important than ever before for the success of your business. Let time missed at work means less staff will be off sick, which improves the overall success of your business. You don’t want to deal with Sick Building Syndrome.

That is why our duct cleaning and air purification services in Montreal can be of such a great value to our clients. Our air duct service technicians are certified at providing professional air quality cleaning and HVAC cleaning services.

The bottom line is that our air duct cleaning services in Montreal can enhance air quality and improve overall air circulation for you and your staff.

Call Montreal Air Ducts Cleaners today and eliminate all air duct dirt, dust, and contaminants in order to extend the life of all ducts in your home and office as well as heating and cooling systems – 514.582.5802

Montreal Air Duct Cleaning Services Will Include:

  • Air duct inspection cleaning and restoration
  • Fire and water damage HVAC cleaning and restoration
  • Dryer vent inspection and cleaning
  • Air Duct cleaning and sealing
  • Bathroom air duct exhaust cleaning
  • Filtration
  • Microbial control cleaning
  • Mould mildew inspection
  • Renos and construction debris inspection and cleaning
  • Air exchanger inspection and cleaning
  • Air exchanger inspection and cleaning
  • Heat Pump inspection, cleaning, installation

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